We are CRFTSHO Digital. We help businesses to accelerate their sales and word of mouth advertising by providing results driven, digital video marketing campaigns.

We’re small business owners FIRST but we have a passion for storytelling that truly helps others grow. When we started out we felt isolated and overwhelmed by the process of marketing online, so we took matters into our own hands. We developed a system using the skills we already have as filmmakers to create video campaigns for some of our small business friends (our company too). It worked…almost too well.

Despite being a startup with a small budget, I felt treated with the same professionalism and dedication to excellence that might typically be reserved for a very large client or project. I do not believe that any other production company could have delivered the same level of value for our budget, and I plan to continue working with them in the future.
Madeleine Smerin
COO, Revolution After Dust-off           CLICK TO SEE THEIR VIDEO

We quickly realized that there is a need for other small business owners like us and our friends. Some had worked with expensive advertising agencies in the past; others relied only on print and radio, but all of us needed online marketing. Hence CRFTSHO Digital was born.

We help small businesses, like yours, to accelerate their sales and word of mouth marketing by providing results driven, digital video marketing at an UNBELIEVABLE price point. In fact, we were told that our plan would never work because we were simply not charging enough. That’s not what motivates us. We are motivated by our client’s success. It’s 100% true.

This Is Us

Jeff Worley from The Beard Color

Drew Hall

Creative Producer/Director

Drew has 20+ plus years in video production and marketing. He has directed five award winning feature films along with dozens of results driven commercials and branded content videos. Like Jeff, Drew is passionate about clients, small batch beverages, cinematography, and food.

Jeff Worley

Post Production Producer

Jeff is an award winning photographer and colorist. With countless hours invested in various productions, Jeff’s knowledge of video delivery coupled with his creative style grants him a major competitive edge. Like Drew, Jeff loves clients, small batch beverages, color correction and food.

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