We are CRFTSHO Digital. We create hand crafted, brand forward, videos, films and advertisements for businesses, agency partners, and individuals.

Founded in late 2016 by award winning director/dp and producer Drew Hall alongside the award winning post production wizard and colorist Jeff Worley, CRFTSHO creates hand crafted, small batch, brand forward motion picture content and video productions. Fueled by the passion of their clients, partners, and team members, CRFTSHO (inaugural year) won Best of Show and Judges Choice awards in the 2018 American Advertising Federation Awards.

“Recognition is awesome, but for us the results we obtain for our clients and partners are waaaaaay cooler for us,” says Creative Director/Producer Drew Hall.

Despite being a startup with a small budget, I felt treated with the same professionalism and dedication to excellence that might typically be reserved for a very large client or project. I do not believe that any other production company could have delivered the same level of value for our budget, and I plan to continue working with them in the future.
Madeleine Smerin
COO, Revolution After Dust-off           CLICK TO SEE THEIR VIDEO

Equality through content.

At CRFTSHO we believe that all projects should be treated with the same amount of reverence, passion, and attention to detail. Regardless of budget or status we never cut corners…we actually don’t know how. We only accept as many clients/projects as our production calendar allows. We call it our small batch creative approach. CRFTSHO is not some exclusive boutique production company. Quite the opposite actually, as we can only include so many projects into our workflow that meet our production quality standards.

Small batch creative is not just a powerful narrative supported by gorgeous imagery. CRFTSHO is equally passionate about strategic planning, delivery, and, most importantly, results.

This Is Us

Jeff Worley from The Beard Color

Drew Hall

Creative Producer/Director

Drew has 20+ plus years in video production and marketing. He has directed five award winning feature films along with dozens of results driven commercials and branded content videos. Like Jeff, Drew is passionate about clients, small batch beverages, cinematography, and food.

Jeff Worley

Post Production Producer

Jeff is an award winning photographer and colorist. With countless hours invested in various productions, Jeff’s knowledge of video delivery coupled with his creative style grants him a major competitive edge. Like Drew, Jeff loves clients, small batch beverages, color correction and food.

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