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I’m Pregnant…expecting the unexpected result.

Wait What…?!?!?

There have only been a handful of times in my life/career where I was caught completely off guard – reduced to a point of nothing. A trembling mess of confusion, excitement, more confusion, passion, humility and often nausea. 

The words I’m Pregnant…

Yeah, that did it. Our second child is nothing but a magical surprise and I, like my wife, was completely and totally caught off guard. We both had nausea for similar and dis-similar reasons. 

I’ve had a few times in my film career where something so magical happened on set, or in post, or at an award show that I was left confusingly happy. It is what makes filmmaking so exciting. You start with nothing and pour everything you’ve got into the project and, at least for me, the last thing you are thinking about is some kind of award. If/when it does happen – it is a satisfying reminder of the amazing people who helped make that project possible. 

A Swift Kick In the Humbler.

So you get the context, I’m trying to be humble…wait…does writing this overturn humility? I’m going to say no because what I do now professionally represents the hard work of cast and crew, the dreams of business owners, and the dedication to the craft of storytelling. I don’t know how else to say this but everyone at CRFTSHO Digital is still gobsmacked right now.

We Won Best Of Show + Judges Award?

The room was silent. We couldn’t even cheer for ourselves as we had no idea what happened. A video announcement said Best Of Show goes to CRFTSHO. My first thought was, “Oh crap what did we do.” It wasn’t until a dear friend who is a creative director turned to me with a grin on his face that things began to register. I whipped my head around towards Jeff and the Sara(h)s [both our wives are Sara and Sarah]. They looked equally confused. This was the American Advertising Federations Awards for the Mobile Bay Chapter.

How We Got There.

Honestly, we entered the Addys because we hoped it would be a great way to network. We’re new onto the scene in Mobile, having only really been in business for a year or so. Granted we’ve worked here on plenty on films, commercials, TV Shows, but one day Jeff and I decided that we would like to help Agencies and Clients get high quality, cinematic work locally. We have all this gear, why not put it to use. Our first regular non-agency client was our friends Kate and Scott Lumpkin of Skate Mountain Records. 

Scott was my mentor when I was a young fella just starting out in the film industry so I was super excited that we could help him with his record label. We have done several videos for them, all of which, have done well. The artist we’re most familiar with is Jimmy Lumpkin and The Revival. So when Scott calls with an idea, we’re already ready already. The tricky part of course was that Jeff was out of town at the moment visiting his wife in Maryland. That meant some fancy logistics were going to be necessary to meet the deadline while keeping the production values where we wanted them. 

If It Were Easy Anyone Could…

It is easy when you have clients like Skate Mountain who have artists like Jimmy. We treated the production exactly the same as any other shoot for any other client on any other day – except Jeff was going to have to work his color correction magic from Maryland. We had to quickly develop a plan/system to handle that workflow. I like to film a ton of shots. I like options. I like lots of cuts.

Jeff detailed the plan and we went into action. 

The Best One

Sometimes you work on a project and when you look at it for the 3,755,394 time and you’re just kind of over it, but this one was different. The song is good. The footage was fun. It was hands down just a great experience and therefore, worthy of the repeated watch time. The fact that it won an Addy was a wonderful treat. The room we were sitting in had so much talent – literally just being there was an absolute blessing. So please understand that when I say we were gobsmacked upon winning – It really is the 2nd most humbling experience I’ve had with CRFTSHO. 

The first and most humbling experience was simply knowing what the video had already done results-wise for Skate Mountain. That’s no line or sales pitch. The Best One really is its own namesake. 


We love Mobile. We grew up here. We love the people here. We love the passion. We love the energy. We love this town and have a very special place in our hearts for anyone daring enough to open a business. Winning was great, but seeing the impact our creativity can have on businesses in this amazing community of L.A. (Lower Alabama) is truly the greatest award of all. 

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Drew Hall

Drew Hall is an award winning creative producer/director based in the Southern US. He is the founder of Frame 29 Films (an independent motion picture production company) and CRFTSHO (a digital video marketing and production agency). Known for his clarity of vision and southern charm, Drew has forged strong relationships with cast and crew, while maintaining a keen eye on his fiscal responsibilities.