Can A Commercial Change Your Life
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Can A Commercial Change Your Life?

What Moves You In A Commercial?

My All Time Favorite Spot To Date

The video above is a spot from Wieden + Kennedy for Nike called “Move”. I remember seeing it for the very first time back in 2002 and despite its 4 x 3 square framing I found it to be one of the most important visuals I have ever encountered.


Now in fairness I’m gonna call this the commercial that launched my career, but please note that I’m not SELLING you on liking this spot. I’m simply saying that for me it struck a very special note in my heart and soul and has lived with me for a very long time.

The Constant Reference

If any of the Art Directors or Creative Directors I’ve worked with happen to read this – they already know my obsession with “Move”. There’s a 99.9% chance I have referenced it somewhere in some conversation.

It could have been on a technical side as in it has a certain visual and editorial flow that is so simplistic, it becomes elegant. It flows from scene to scene like ballet. Matching frames to frames – motions to motions – images to images. Hands down just elegance at its finest.


Visually it inspires me from a cinematic standpoint. The images are composed with such detail that I often wonder how much grip and light control was actually utilized. The details in movement are fluid and not abused. We see dolly, static, and hand held cinematography uniquely blended into the narrative. My heart races each and every time I view it; well over 1000 times now.

Not a murmur...

just simple ambience.

Aside from the general ambience in the spot there is not a word murmured. There’s no voice over. No dialog. There is only one language – FILM. The music becomes the emotion to carry us through the ever changing landscape of passions, desires, and dreams. Without a single word “Move” captures more emotion than most movies I’ve seen and that is why I cite it as one of the most important commercials of all time for me.


When I see this spot I am instantly reminded of my dreams and desires, not only as a filmmaker, but as a small business owner – a self starter – an underdog, but if I can just get out there and move, I will do it and once it’s done, I will do it again for my next client, film, or dream.


That is profound thinking and I got it from an advertisement.

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Drew Hall

Drew Hall is an award winning creative producer/director based in the Southern US. He is the founder of Frame 29 Films (an independent motion picture production company) and CRFTSHO (a digital video marketing and production agency). Known for his clarity of vision and southern charm, Drew has forged strong relationships with cast and crew, while maintaining a keen eye on his fiscal responsibilities.