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The Five Easiest Ways of Getting Your Movie on Netflix

Here are the 5 easiest ways of getting your movie on Netflix.

Have an indie film you want to get onto Netflix? We have a film called Convergence that is up there right now. We have been through the process. So we’re going to share with you the 5 best ways (PROVEN) to get your movie onto Netflix.

That said have you also looked into Amazon Prime? They now allow any of us to submit our films for streaming, sale, and transactional relationships. That alone is amazing. So be advised sometimes Netflix wants the exclusive – which means you may miss out on the opportunity at sweet “paying back you friends and family” revenue.

STEP 1 - An Inside Person

Netflix is a beast of a company and one of the best ways to get onto Netflix is to have an inside person. That is to say meet someone or know someone who is working for Netflix in acquisition OR has produced/sold a film to them before can give you an inside edge. It doesn’t work as well after you’ve shot the film. You probably wanna reach out before the film has started production.

STEP 2 - Festival Wins

This one is simple – you need to win ONE of the following festivals.


Toronto International Film Festival




These are pretty much a guarantee release on Netflix. Possibly an exclusive release. Other festivals are awesome, but none of them hold the same marketing weight as the big five above.

STEP 3 - Sales Agent

This might be one of the most approachable options. A Sales Agent is a person who works as a middle person between YOU and various distributors, Netflix and other outlets. The catch is that if you use a Sales Agent – make sure you understand that they will take a piece of the pie. MORE importantly make sure do tons of DUE diligence. It is a very slippery slope my friends.

STEP 4 - Distributor

This is a tricky approach. You’re going to need a strong film with a fan base and some kind of marketing plan in place. It never hurts to reach out, but you’re going to need to be persistent and focus on the VALUE your film offers. It’s about like entering one of the big festivals. It’s almost a roll of the dice.

STEP 5 - Make the Best Damn Movie Ever

Well, make the best damn movie you’ve ever made. You need to hate this movie when you’re done with it. You need to look at it as both the most beautiful and yet tragic thing ever created, because I ate 99.999999% of your time. The other .0000001% you spent playing PUBG – also a great time sink.

The point is if you have a great movie, NETFLIX will see the value in your film. Literally put everything you can into your film. JUST MAKE A DAMN GOOD MOVIE. Go with your gut and commit to it.

What about my budget? It’s only $2562.37. Fine. Use that into your favor. Get creative. Get clever. I promise you this Producers will appreciate that you can make more with less than if you made a bloated crapfest – unless that crapfest is “The Room”. Otherwise – just dive in and go.

That’s it – taken from absolutely real experiences. In the end…just make a damn good movie.

Author Info

Drew Hall

Drew Hall is an award winning creative producer/director based in the Southern US. He is the founder of Frame 29 Films (an independent motion picture production company) and CRFTSHO (a digital video marketing and production agency). Known for his clarity of vision and southern charm, Drew has forged strong relationships with cast and crew, while maintaining a keen eye on his fiscal responsibilities.